JST Jumper Bundle for the BeagleBone Blue

JST Jumper Bundle for the BeagleBone Blue

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JST Jumper Bundle for the BeagleBone Blue (also fully compatible with the BeagleBoard.org Robotics Cape)

Our color-coded JST Jumper Bundle is the essential complement to the BeagleBone Blue, and is also fully compatible with the BeagleBoard.org Robotics Cape.  It includes 16 of the (currently, otherwise difficult-to-find) jumpers (a.k.a. "pigtails" or "connectors") of the right size, type, and length that you need to get new robotics projects going quickly with your Blue or Robotics Cape, including:

Four (4) of the 2-pin 1.5 JST ZH female connectors, with attached 150mm 28AWG wires, for the motors,
Eight (8) of the 4-pin 1.0 JST SH female connectors, with attached 150mm 28AWG wires, for the encoders as well as the UART, I2C, CAN, and PWR busses, and

Four (4) of the 6-pin 1.0 JST SH female connectors, with attached 150mm 28AWG wires, for the SPI, GPS, GPIO, and ADC busses.

This comprehensive jumper bundle is unique on the web. Some places on the web offer competitive prices on such jumpers, but require bulk orders, over a month of lead time, and (in certain cases) shorter wires, whereas other places on the web offer some (but not all) of the necessary jumpers for the Blue individually, with fast delivery, but at a cost per jumper of well over twice the price per jumper offered here.  Our jumper bundle contains just the jumpers you need to get going, at a bargain price.

[Note: the eduMIP kit includes the four jumpers you need to hook up the (two) motors and (two) encoders of the eduMIP to the BeagleBone Blue (or, to the Robotics Cape hooked to a BeagleBone Black); if your sole purpose is to build the eduMIP kit, you do not need the connector bundle listed here. Plan ahead, though! We fully intend that the eduMIP project will help open the door to a myriad of new projects that you might want to develop on your own with your new BeagleBone Blue or Robotics Cape...]

[Note #2: due to the sudden popularity of this JST bundle, we are currently limiting purchases to 3 JST bundles per customer.  Additional JST bundles are available as add-on options when purchasing the BeagleBone Blue or Robotics Cape.]

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Great product, contains all the cables you need for a beaglebone blue. Perfect for prototyping and development.
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