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Renaissance Robotics 8-in-1 Multibit Screwdriver

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Renaissance Robotics 8-in-1 Multibit Screwdriver

A screwdriver is essential in the construction of electromechanical systems, not to mention many other daily tasks.  We tested screwdrivers from many different vendors in search of a single screwdriver worthy of carrying the Renaissance Robotics brand and recommending to our customers, and this is it.  The weight & balance, movement, and convenience of this particular multibit screwdriver is one of the nicest available today at any price.  The two blue sections of the handle both rotate smoothly and independently; when using, the blue cap seats nicely into the palm of the hand providing the pressure, while the blue ring is gripped by the fingers guiding the bit, facilitating a very natural movement to drive in the entire screw without the need for lifting the bit (and, without incorporating an internal ratcheting mechanism).

This screwdriver comes with seven of the most commonly used bits conveniently stored in the handle: PH1, PH2, PH3, R2, T15, SL4, SL6that is, small, medium, and large phillips bits, a medium square bit, a medium torx bit, and two common sizes of slotted bits.  Without any bits, the screwdriver may also be used as a hex driver.  The handle may be pulled open to expose the bits, and positively closes (magnetically) with a satisfying click.  An additional set of 30 bits, which should cover essentially all of your needs in building small electromechanical systems, is available as a compact add-on accessory.

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