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BeagleBoard.org® Robotics Cape

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Breakout board for the BeagleBone Black and Black Wireless
Part Number: RR-0002
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Everything needed for mobile robotics. Loaded with innovative features and a comprehensive software library designed to effortlessly take your robotics concepts from design to reality. A huge array of on-board sensors and controllers and even more expansion options gives you everything you need for your robotics project.
· 9-Axis IMU: Invensense MPU-9250
· Barometer: Bosch BMP280
· 4x H-Bridge DC motor controllers
· 8-Channel Servo/ESC output
· 5V 2A switching regulator for robust power supply (8V -18V input voltage)
· 6V 4A regulated power supply to protect servos
· Charges a 2-cell LiPo battery
· 4 Quadrature encoder inputs
· GPS input with EM-406/EM-506 style UART connector
· Headers for I2C, UART, SPI, ADC, PWM, GPIO connectivity
· Supports DSM2 and DSMX satellite radios

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