MAE144 - Course Announcement

MAE144 - Embedded Control & Robotics
In-person lectures at UCSD will be given, from Oct 2 through Dec 6, 2017, on M/W at 7-8:50pm in CENTR 105.
The midterm will be in class, probably during the week of Nov 6.
The final exam will be Wed, Dec 13, 7-10pm in  CENTR 105.
Each UCSD student taking the class will be asked to get an eduMIP kit and a BeagleBone Blue, which will be provided at a discount in class.  If you are taking this class remotely, please order an eduMIP kit and BeagleBone Blue from this site to follow along.
A substantial fraction of this course will be provided online (videos, text, getting-started guides, homeworks, etc).
All such material will provided/linked to from this website.  See you at class, and/or online!
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Grand Opening

Welcome to the grand opening of the Renaissance Robotics online store!  We aim to fulfill the need of bringing affordable, educational, extensible robotics kits and associated materials to a range of markets, targeting advanced high school students, college students, and professionals.  Our first major release, eduMIP, is a minimalist entry point into the fascinating world of professional, multithreaded, standards-compliant robotic systems.  We very much appreciate your business; your support of our store will directly assist us in bringing a range of fascinating and unique follow-on kits to market that are currently in the design-for-manufacturing stage.  We look forward to providing you with best-in-class systems for your educational and prototyping needs.

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