Hunker down!  For developing robotics projects at home during these trying times, robotics kits and embedded computers (e.g., Beaglebone BluesRobotics Capes, or the diminutive RaspberryPi 3 Model A+) make the perfect gift for yourself, or for the student of robotics in your life - also stock up on some handy tools and accessories.  Can't decide? Get a gift certificate!

In the news:
- The 2019-08-03 Debian Image is the Gold Master for all BeagleBone users, and includes the v1.0 release of the Robot Control (RC) library.
- You can now drive your eduMIP in python! Head on over to Mauricio's GitHub page for instructions.
- Simulink now supports the BeagleBone Blue! Get the support package here, and check out Kurt’s GitHub page and video for instructions with eduMIP.
- ROS now runs on BeagleBones! Pick up an Ubuntu 18.04 Melodic image with ROS installed here. Or install ROS from scratch on the standard Debian image via the instructions here.

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