Renaissance Robotics eduMIP kit (EXCLUSIVE!)

Renaissance Robotics eduMIP kit (EXCLUSIVE!)

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eduMIP: the world’s most extensible low-cost open platform for learning Embedded Control & Robotics.

Works with the following® products (available separately) :
     BeagleBone® Blue,
     BeagleBone® Black Wireless + Robotics Cape, or
     BeagleBone® BlackRobotics Cape + WiFi Dongle.

eduMIP is a low-cost educational robotics kit, developed in a research and teaching setting in the UC San Diego Coordinated Robotics Lab, for building an extensible, open-standards-compliant, Linux-based, Mobile Inverted Pendulum (MIP) prototype. Hardware-focused Massively-Open Online Courses (MOOCs) are currently being developed which leverage these kits, targeting both introductory STEM courses (advanced high-school / college freshmen), and professional robotics courses (college senior, graduate, and beyond).

eduMIP is a comprehensive and robust platform for learning:
- Dynamic modeling and feedback control (classical, state-space, adaptive, …) of unstable systems.
- Robot motion planning and collision avoidance.
- DC motor control via (built-in) H-bridges and encoder counters.
- Attitude estimation via (built-in) IMU and barometer.
- Communication via (built-in) WiFi (802.11b/g/n) and Bluetooth (4.1/BLE).
- Charging, balancing, protection, and monitoring of 2-cell LiPo (included).
- Multithreaded event-driven C programming in Debian Linux.
- Multithreaded Graphical System Design for embedded applications.

eduMIP is compatible with Python, ROS, MATLAB® & Simulink®, and LabVIEW®.
[Matlab® and Simulink® are trademarks of The Mathworks, Inc.  LabVIEW® is a trademark of National Instruments, Inc.]

eduMIP's robust, consumer-grade chassis was developed in collaboration WowWee®.

eduMIP is easy to extend via custom CAD/3D printing and custom PCB design/fab, and can interface easily, via JST connectors and an extensive software library, to millions of industry-standard sensors and actuators communicating over:  USB, I2C, SPI, CAN, UART (GPS, DSM2), PWM (servos, ESCs), GPIO, ADC.

CAD designs for the hardware in the eduMIP kit are available under the Creative Commons CC-by-v4 License.

Source code for all software in the associated codebase, down to the low-level libraries, are available under the 3-Clause BSD License.

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